Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Culture: It's so black & white

Hey everyone,

Thanks for the fun conversation today!

In no particular order, here's more information on various things I mentioned in class...

Here's the article on metacognition that Lauren Brester sent me.  The comments at the end are almost as illuminating as the article itself!

You think bullet ant gloves and the Sun Dance sound painful?  Check out this blog post -- full of videos! so much fun! -- of various rites of passage that young men around the world endure. 

While I was looking up rites of passage, I stumbled upon a pretty awesome  article about movie stereotypes (also known as cultural formulae).  I remember Cracked magazine from my middle school years as being a cheap-ish, not-as-funny version of Mad. However, the online version is surprisingly good, and even great on occasion.  What do you think?

Diamonds!  Gitcher diamonds here!  Read the history of the creation of the engagement ring norm.  It's long, but fascinating.

Is this child a boy or a girl?  It's actually President Franklin Roosevelt as a young fella! Read about the gender norming & re-norming of children's clothes, and look at more fascinating photos from the Smithsonian archive as well.

Happy reading/clicking!  Feel free to riff on any of these themes in your own blogs, if they catch your fancy...

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