Monday, March 30, 2009

Internship opportunity

Athletics Administration Intern at Montana State University

Job Title:
Athletics Administration Intern

Duties and Responsibilities:
• The Athletics Administration Intern will report to the Assistant Athletic Director for Marketing.
• Assist the Assistant Athletic Director for Marketing with the implementation of all marketing for the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics at Montana State University.
• Assist in the fulfillment of corporate sponsorship activities for the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics; maintain and service existing clients.
• Work with the Montana State University Spirit Squad coach with implementing promotions for specific athletic events.
• Develop and assist with the implementing the marketing and promotion strategies for the Athletic Department.
• Assist in the promotion of special events; the Big Sky Conference and NCAA Championship events.
• Supervise the distribution and sales of game day programs for home football events.
• Assist and formulate a fan identity program with the Montana State University student-athletes and coaches.
• Supervise the distribution of all Montana State University Athletics promotional printed material.
• Responsible for complying with all Department of Intercollegiate Athletics, Montana State University, NCAA and Big Sky Conference rules and regulations.
• Attendance at all home athletic contests, and assists with game management duties as assigned.
• Perform all other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the Assistant Athletic Director for Marketing.

Required Qualifications:
• Progressing towards a degree in business, marketing, public relations, sports marketing or a related field.
• Demonstrated experience interacting with a diverse constituency using interpersonal communication skills, both written and oral.
• Candidate must have a great work ethic and must be detailed oriented.
• Demonstrated problem solving skills
• Thorough knowledge of Microsoft Office.
• Demonstrated knowledge of basic NCAA rules and regulations.
• Position will be based on a 20 hour a week commitment

• Tuition waiver

To Apply:
Qualified candidates should submit the following: cover letter specifying the position of interest; current resume; three professional references with telephone and email contact information.

Mail to:
Drew Ingraham
Assistant Athletic Director for Marketing
Montana State University
#1 Bobcat Circle
PO Box 173380
Bozeman, MT 59717-3380

For Wednesday (April Fool's Day)

Dear CB students,

Please check out this stash of marketing-related cartoons and think about what they mean.

In your reaction paper, you can note:
  • what the cartoons get right and wrong about the way marketing is practiced in the US today,
  • what the public perception of marketing (and marketing professionals) seems to be,
  • how/why these cartoons are funny (and not funny)
  • what impact cartoons like these have on consumer behavior
  • etc...
Have fun!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Internship opportunity

Want to help out with the Gallatin Earth Celebration? They're looking for a marketing intern.

If you have 2-4 hours per week available between now and the end of April, you could be the lucky one!

From the recruiting email:

"You would be charged with Web site up keep, following through with various project chairs, coordinating with volunteers, marketing, etc. There would be a fair amount of administrative work, but also some creativity involved.

Passion and dedication are the biggest job requirements. I will be selecting someone by March 27th so contact me asap. An emailed letter stating your interest and abilities would be a perfect application."

For more info, or to apply, contact:

Jodie DeLay

Assistant Director of Public Relations

Montana State University


A markeing SuperFunPack (TM)!

Hi CBers,

There's a lot that's good an interesting and useful in the world right now, including right here in Bozeman. Take a look...

Want to know more about America's favorite food? The Procrastinator is showing the documentary King Corn tonight at 7:00 pm. Grab some popcorn and enjoy the FREE and interesting show!

Tomorrow is the College of Business's annual Entrepreneur Day! The keynote address will be at 1:00 in SUB Ballroom B, and the speaker is Montana-based social entrepreneur, Cloe Medina Erickson. Cloe, a recent grad of MSU's architecture program, and her husband, a North Face-sponsored climber and photographer, have created a fascinating organization that does community development work all over the world. Currently they are organizing and managing an effort to build a library in a remote part of Morocco.

And finally, there's an article about people's treating themselves to candy -- lots and lots of candy! -- in Monday's NY Times.

Case #3

Hi CB,

The third case is on subcultures, and the primary source you'll be using is Murderball (or another film of your choosing).


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

TurnItIn: Case #2

Hi everyone,

If you haven't already, please make sure to submit case #2 to Turn It In. The submission period is open until March 15, but you should go ahead and get that in ASAP (so you don't forget during spring break...).

Thank you!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Treats in the news

Okay, it's actually not the news, but a blog on a newsmagazine website:

The Happiness Project


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Don't have a group for the project?

Dear CB students,

So many people are sick (or have sick kids) that it's rather alarming! Is this year a worse one than most for the mid-winter bugs?

In any case, all these absences have resulted in quite a few people not being in groups yet for the treat project.

To fix this problem, I recommend that the group-less students post a comment on THIS blog post -- include your name, your email, your class time (8:00 or 9:30), and put a virtual group together that way.

Note: Once you've posted your info, don't assume that someone else will do the work of putting the group together -- be proactive, and make sure it happens!

Best of luck,

Treat notes

Hi CB students,

You can see the notes that I've been making regarding people's consumption of treats during tough economic times (micro- and macroscopic examples).

Please use these, and other sources, to create your groups' definitions of what a "treat" is.

Have fun, and be prepared to discuss these (and turn something in) on Monday.


Wiki "upgrade"

Dear Students,

I'm so sorry that so many of you have been having trouble getting into the wiki to work on your Show & Tell assignments! I don't know why some, but not all of you are being denied access. I've approved every request that the server sent me yesterday, and hope this helps.

I was in Helena all day yesterday, which is why I couldn't respond sooner to your requests.

My daughter has the flu, so I won't be at work today. I WILL be working from home, though, and checking email frequently, so please email and let me know if the system still isn't working, and I'll try to fix it ASAP.

I'll be in Helena again tomorrow (interviewing the Governor, ooh la la), so out of email contact for most of the day as well. My apologies!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Schedule switch

The second case will be due next WEDNESDAY, March 11th.

On Monday, you'll need to bring in and be ready to discuss your group's definition of what a treat is.

Case #2

Hey CB scholars,

Here's Case #2, on consumer psychology. Have fun!