Films I've made

"Beer Country" © 2010

Since the first settlers arrived at the St. Mary’s mission in the mid-19th century, Montanans have loved beer – they love making it, sharing it, talking about it, and drinking it. In this film, we investigate the historic, economic, cultural and aesthetic values that make Montana America’s own Beer Country. We take a look at the explosive growth of the craft brewing industry in Montana – and the U.S. in general – and examine local food systems, the social and economic impacts of small-scale production, consumer perceptions of authenticity, community-building, and simply, pleasure.  

You can watch the full-length video on YouTube for free. Note that the quality isn't spectacular, but hey, it's free! 

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"The Runners' (R)evolution" © 2013

Running is more popular than ever in the United States, and a vocal minority of runners have decided to eschew traditional footwear (a-shoe, perhaps?) in favor of minimal shoes, or no shoes at all. They find the experience to be transformative for their bodies and souls. This project examines the barefoot-running phenomenon and its impact on consumer behavior, including questions re self-determination, word-of-mouth communication, trust, and health, well being, and happiness. The video also looks at strategic responses emerging from shoe manufacturers.

Watch the full-length video on Vimeo!