Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Holiday fun websurfing

Here's the website, complete with how-to instructions, for the Blender Defender (the best way I've seen for teaching the cat to stay off the kitchen counter).

And here's the skinny on Ambien's sleep-eating side effects. The following are but two of the many good tales that people tell about their experiences:

"A woman in Salinas, Calif., whose case is to be included in the Minnesota study, said she would awaken to find candy bar wrappers next to her bed and Popsicle sticks on the floor near the refrigerator...."

And from another patient: '"One day," she said, "I got up — my husband describes this in great detail — I got a package of hamburger buns and I just tore it open like a grizzly bear and just stood there and ate the whole package. He said a couple things to me and then he realized I was asleep." She has switched to working days and no longer takes Ambien."

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