Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Hello to students in MKTG 343 (consumer behavior).

I hope you all had an excellent holiday break! I also hope we're off to a great start of the spring semester!

Everything you need for this class should be available to you, in advance, in the sidebar to the left of this page. Assignments will also be posted on the calendar at the bottom of the page, as well as in the syllabus.

Here's what you need to do before class next Wednesday (20 January):

1. Read "My Missspent Youth" by Meghan Daum.
2. Write a reaction paper (~2 pages, double spaced) about this essay, thinking about these types of questions:

* What motivated the author to make the consumption decisions that she did?
* Does she remind you of anyone you know (including yourself)? How?
* Do her decisions seem rational? Why/why not?
* Do you think she could have predicted/averted her financial crisis? Why/why not?
* Did you enjoy reading this story?

3. Submit this paper to TurnItIn.
4. Bring paper to class and turn in to me.

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