Monday, March 29, 2010

Interesting articles -- for fun & final wiki project

Hi consumer behaviorists!

Here are links to popular press articles that could be helpful in putting together your final group projects.

Consumption constellations:
This article is about a "girly" fashion website -- no Carhartts or black labs to be found! -- but the consumer attitudes and behaviors, and the strategic insights and implications (beginning on p. 2) are universal.
(Source: The New Yorker)

Celebrity culture:
Here's a thoughtful analysis of why we find celebrities -- from movie stars to flashes-in-the-pan -- so fascinating.
(Source: Newsweek)

Here's a story on how it's affecting some kids.
(Source: The New York Times)
Orthorexia only relates to dietary choices. If you'd like to make your wiki more general, i.e., call it "Too much of a good thing," you could also include information about compulsive exercise addiction.

Engagement rings:
This isn't an article, it's an advice column. The comments (at the bottom of the page, and on The Fray) are insightful, enlightening, funny, infuriating, etc....
(Source: Slate)

Geographic loyalty:
From an article on who owns the phrase "The last best place" ... "Then Kittredge had an epiphany, which may or may not have been helped by the gin-and-tonic he was drinking at the time."
(Source: The Washington Post)

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