Friday, May 2, 2008

A plea for help...

Dear students,

I need to do one last piece of data collection in order to finish my dissertation, and wonder if any of you, and/or any of your friends/family/acquaintances/roommates/coworkers/etc. would be interested in helping me.

I need to run several focus groups to examine how consumers use brands as non-verbal communication. These f.g.s will run about 2 hours, participants will get paid $10 (+ snacks!), and you'll get to talk about all the things you love and hate about certain brands, companies, marketing methods, and more. Those people who are especially talkative or offer unique points of view will be invited to do a separate, one-on-one interview at a later time (with another $10 in it for the trouble).

I'm willing to work around people's schedules in order to facilitate this process -- date, time, & place are flexible (though I hope to do all of them the week of May 11-17).

I'm attaching my officially approved recruiting poster, and hope that even if you're not able to help, you'll pass the word along to potentially interested parties. The only restriction is that all participants are over the age of 18.

Thanks in advance,

PS I'm going to post this on Facebook as well, if that's easier for people to access.

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akiosse said...

Hey. I can do this Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. Just let me know so I can make arrangements.