Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Case #1

Hi everyone,

Now that we're well into the semester, you can get crackin' on the first case study.

Please note that you'll need to do a lot of reading from the text, and/or from the wiki, as well as reading the articles I've provided, in order to answer the questions.

Also, please note that chapter numbers & topics might change, depending on the edition of the book that you're using. Therefore, I've provided subject information in addition to the chapter numbers to guide your reading.

Also, please note that students who don't budget enough time to work on this assignment (i.e., start working on it at 10:00 pm the night before it's due) are usually cranky and tired the next day. I'm just saying...

ALSO, please note that your participation in the discussion regarding the case is crucial. You can't just drop off your case and not come to class. (Well, you can, but your absence will be noted.)

FINALLY, please note that I don't/ can't/ never have accepted emailed assignments.

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