Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Hi everyone,

You'll need to submit all your case studies to TurnItIn before you give them to me.

You'll note that there are two sections of this class -- make sure you're in the right place!

The ID # for the 8:00 class is 2604157 and the password is "montana"
The ID # for the 9:30 class is 2604159 and the password is "turnitin"

Please set up your TurnItIn account THIS WEEK. In order to safeguard the secrecy of the course information, I'll be deleting this blog post this weekend, so it's important that you go ahead and get into the system ASAP.

When you submit your papers to TurnItIn, they should have only your code name and class time on them. Do NOT use your real name, SSN, Banner ID, or any other identifying information!

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