Monday, April 20, 2009

Case #4

Hi everyone,

The final assignment is actually not a case study at all, but rather, an analysis of a single text (i.e., a book of your choosing from the list).

Using what you've learned about CB this semester, but focusing especially on the information about consumer purchasing decisions from the last several chapters of the textbook, write a detailed essay about the book that you've chosen to read, concentrating on the following concepts:
1) Does this book make a strong argument for the case it's trying to make? Why/why not?
2) Is this argument persuasive? Why/why not?
3) Does this book reinforce the concepts in the Solomon textbook? Why/why not?
4) What does this book get right/wrong, based on other research in the CB field?
5) Is this book entertaining? Why/why not?

As you can see, I'm not interested in having you merely summarize the "plots" of these books -- if you do so, it will be a waste of your time (and mine). I want you to present a thoughtful, well-supported analysis of this text as a whole.

Therefore, you SHOULD NOT answer in 1,2,3,4,5 format as you have in the previous cases.

Write a single, cohesive judgment of how this book fares as a consumer behavior text. I think the length should be ~5 pages, as with all the other cases. Also, as with all the other cases, make sure to:
1. Cite all sources for ALL ideas that are not your original thoughts. ALL. All. Allallall.
This will be a combination of ideas from the book you choose, the textbook, and possibly other source material.
2. Use your code name
3. Submit to TurnItIn

Best of luck!

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