Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Message to Marketing Juniors from Mike Gold

If you are contemplating a career in marketing, advertising, brand management or a related discipline you should consider taking Mktg 489/490 . This is a full academic year's commitment that leads to 6 credits.

5 graphic design students join the class in Spring 2010.

These classes lead to participation in the NSAC (National Student Advertising Competition) run by the AAF (American Advertising Federation).This competition is entered by some 180 schools nationwide.

The AAF gives the student teams a “client briefing” for which the students produce an entire “Integrated Marketing Campaign” from start to finish; this includes conducting research, determining the marketing strategy, planning the media both traditional and non traditional, producing all the advertising from TV to direct mail. The teams then present their work at the regional competition, which will be held in Spokane next year.

We are in a very strong region, competing against Univ. of Oregon, Portland State, MSU -Billings, Oregon State, Idaho State, Washington State, University of Idaho, BYU, Univ. of Washington, Boise State.

The standard is extremely high, the class does not have any, quizzes, tests or exams but is likely to be one of the most demanding classes you take at MSU; it will however be one of the most rewarding, if you are up to the challenge. I can guarantee you an experience that is the closest thing to real life that you will get while at university.

If you would like to know more about this class please e-mail me to arrange a time to meet and discuss.

The class will be limited to 10 marketing seniors.

Those not prepared to work all night if necessary need not apply!

Thank you for your time,

Mike Gold

Reid 311

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