Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Odds and ends

Hi everyone,

Thanks for the lively discussion on "The Persuaders" this afternoon -- your thoughtful conversation bodes well for the rest of the semester!

And now, for a few follow-up items of business:
1) <--------- I've posted the case study grading rubric in the sidebar to your left.

2) On Monday (9/19), Lisa Daniels from the BBCC will be coming to class to help further explain the case study expectations, and to offer her professional services to help you dig into these assignments.

3) On Wednesday (9/21), I would like you all to come to class during class time (I won't be there), to form teams of 4-5 students and start brainstorming ideas for your final project for this class -- a big ol' multi-page consumer behavior wiki creation. While you don't have to decide on your topic this early in the semester, I want you to take notes and generate a list of options that you'll consider developing.

4) I'm going to populate the calendar at the bottom of the blog with the due dates for your assignments for the rest of the semester. They are, of course, available on the syllabus as well (which is available through D2L).

5) I did the math after class today, and realized that my son, who turns 1 in October, will have been on 4 round-trip plane rides (and to 2 academic conferences) before his first birthday. That just seems nuts to me!

6) Here's the Mean Joe Green Coke commercial that I talked about in class today. Thanks, Michael N.!

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