Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Case 1, question 2

The Burning Man festival, held annually in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada, emphasizes people’s experiences, interpersonal communication, sacred consumption, and playfulness.

It's a "brand-free zone," meaning that any commercial brand names, logos, etc. are forbidden from being displayed.

This doesn't prevent people from engaging in barter or other forms of trade, nor does it keep them from engaging in displays of "personal brands."  In fact, Burning Man has become a very powerful brand itself.

Discuss, in as much detail as the time will allow, how alternative consumption & non-consumption are tied to people’s ideas of themselves (e.g., their real & ideal selves, looking glass selves, extended selves, inner v. other-defined selves, etc.).  Explain & support your answer.


Notes:  Don’t make unsupported assertions, i.e., don’t assume that this question only refers to Burning Man participants, hippies, etc.  I expect proof for any blanket assertion that you make about individuals or groups of consumers. 

EVERYONE engages in alternative & non-consumption behaviors – even you! 
(Okay, I know that’s a blanket assertion J)

If you’re stumped, you might start by thinking about how can a person have “relationships” with brands/products that s/he DOESN’T consume or actively rejects. 

Remember the two biggest questions to ask yourself as you’re answering the question:

“Have I proven that this is a correct answer?”
“Have I proven that this is a complete answer?”

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