Sunday, January 22, 2012

An interesting CB question

Here's a very thought-provoking article about what it would take for more people to choose public transportation over driving their cars.

I'd love to hear your thoughts (in the comments section of this blog) about what you think -- you can consider micro-scale answers (i.e., "What would persuade ME to ride the bus?") and/or macro-scale answers ("How can we design a system that appeals to 1000s of people?").

If you want, you can just chime in and let us know if you ever take public transit.  In Bozeman?  In NYC?  In London?  What are the differences that drive your (and other consumers') decisions?

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Tracie C said...

My first visit to Calgary last year encouraged us to utilize the public transport system in order to avoid paying around $40 per day for downtown parking. The train system was effective and efficient - from the onsite parking, finding the entrance to the platform, to purchasing a ticket and knowing where/when to disembark...and all without the aid of any human interaction.

My experiences on London's underground system left me with the continual, monotonous loop of 'mind the gap' resonating in my head long after we left the city.

If the city supports it, public transport can be a beautiful thing.

Adim said...

We all love a free ride, but what about a ride PLUS an experience, maybe a glass top in all stream line buses. After all don't we live in BigSky country, maybe going to work or school or just shopping won't be so boring after all.

Casey Michelle said...

I've never taken the stream line, but I used to go to school in Grand Forks where they had a "Dollar Cab" system... And I took that all the time. It was easy to just call for a cab, it was one dollar a person one-way, and would pick you up where ever you would like at any time of day! I think the ease of this cab system is why I used it (and it was -50 degrees there on a normal basis), but also because it would pick up me and my friend wherever we would like!