Sunday, January 22, 2012


Just now, while writing my last post (on public transit, which now seems so.... flat) and listening to the radio, I just heard the two most interesting pieces of news that I've heard in ages.


A Harvard researcher has published academic research findings on what makes a hipster a hipster.  What seems especially relevant to me is that he referenced The Decemberists in his paper, and so did I in the 12:45 class last Wednesday! 

Clearly, this means that you're getting a Harvard-quality education right here at MSU.


New Zealand is pushing for sheep shearing to be included as an Olympic sport (summer, naturally).  I think MSU students (yay Extension!) would be at a distinct advantage for at least making the U.S. team, if it becomes a reality.

Clearly, this means that some people -- maybe you? -- are getting Olympic-quality athletic training right here at MSU.

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Tracie C said...

I had to wonder if the comment under #7 of the hipster link meant 'iconic' rather than 'ironic' t-shirts that were being worn by the hipsters.

Speaking of which, it seems more than a little ironic that hipsters' main focus is to be 'socially distinctive', and yet they shop at the same stores, dress the same, listen to he same music, wear the same glasses, eat the same foods....not sure what they are managing to distinguish themselves from? Because it certainly isn't each other...