Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thoughts on the extended self...

Thanks for participating in such interesting conversations today, everyone!  I had a good time getting to hear at least a little bit from each group (while trying to learn people's names...).

There were topics addressed in every group that elicited associations about relevant CB research that I've read once upon a time, so I thought I post that info here, for those of you who are interested in reading more about it.  If you're stuck and something here helps jump-start your own blogging, I'll be delighted!

Here's an article on people who feel that certain parts of their bodies don't belong to them, and therefore need to be removed.

If you want to arouse your other senses by letting go of one of them, a fun way is to eat in complete darkness...

Sometimes, there's a lot emotion tied up in a particular object, and not enough opportunity to release it, so people go to extremes when the get the opportunity to do so.  Hence, the "trash the dress" phenomenon...

Here's a sample of the conversation runners are having about whether or not people remember their marathon times for ever and ever.  Certain events = extended self.

And finally, a little enlightenment -- the quickest lesson in Buddhism/graphic design you'll ever get:

Buddhist philosophy related to the material world is really interesting.

Happy weekend!

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