Saturday, September 5, 2009

Hey consumers

What do you think of this?


Aimee said...

"We're surprised, but I think it's mainly experts who have expressed their views, people who are interested in fonts. I don't think the broad public is that interested.

Verdana is a simple, cost-effective font which works well in all media and languages."

Like this quote from the page, I don't think the broad public i.e. IKEA customers are that interested because the change in font is so minute. As long as their type is legible, font is not something that will make-or-break me purchasing an IKEA product.

Kyle Ellerbe said...

IKEA, in the past, has been the icon of what is new, hip, cutting-edge, but still family friendly in the ways of home decor. This new font in their catalog is giving off a vibe that the feeling of distinct fashion is being lost a little. A company should not stray from their image. By changing the font to that of a boring, generic font, they are losing some of that identity the company has created.

E said...

Well, in terms of readability, Veranda is a better font, but it is an interesting decision for a company that has built its design around a font to decide to change it.

Aimee said...

I don't think I would even notice if the magazines I read change their font. IKEA changed their font to make it easier for them, which is fine by me. If IKEA's products are the same quality as before the change, I will continue to by their products.