Friday, September 25, 2009

Love story assignment -- consumer behavior

Hi CBers,

You've got a 1-2 page essay due on Tuesday -- don't forget!

Please describe something that you would run back into a burning building to save, something that is or has been priceless to you. Did you buy this special item or was it a gift (or a find…)? Is this item still in use, a thing of the past, or something you could use in the future? If you don't have it anymore, tell me what happened to this item. Most importantly, WHY is this item so meaningful for you?

Please DON'T write about your first girl/boyfriend (or your current gf/bf), your mother, or your dog. I don't doubt you have much love for all of them, but the point of this exercise is to dig into how consumers interact with inanimate objects, and to examine why certain items become so important to certain people.

Having said that, and knowing how much people looooove their computers (me too!), please DON'T write about your computer, either. It's sort of like claiming to love your brain, i.e., a given, and not very interesting to think or read about.

Finally, you all need to find, print, read, and be ready to discuss Russ Belk's 1988 article entitled "Possessions and the Extended Self," published in the Journal of Consumer Research. This is homework, so be prepared! It's a long article, but interesting and well written, so be sure to budget adequate time to go through it and digest it.

Good luck, have fun, and have a great weekend!

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