Thursday, October 1, 2009

Contesting an answer on an exam

Hi 341 students!

From the syllabus, the correct way to contest an answer on an exam:

"If you believe I've made an error in grading or recording an assignment you've completed, please give me a written request for review, providing a full explanation and referring to specific wording in the text or course materials to support your request....

Example: "On Thursday's quiz, 'A' was listed as the correct answer for question #5. However, according to the book on p. 344, 'C' could also be considered correct because..."


In other words, if you want me to reconsider particular questions from Exam 1, your appeals must have more support than simply, "I think..." statements.

(Therefore, everyone who has submitted an appeal so far will need to revisit the issue(s) a little more diligently.)

Thanks, and good luck!

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