Monday, September 9, 2013

Fun facts about marketing research, strategy, and advertising!

 Does anyone read

It's a surprisingly decent, often crowdsourced online publication that contains quick and funny lists like this one: "The 7 Sneakiest Ways Corporations Manipulated Human Behavior"

In a single, short article, they discuss Ernst Dichter, Chivas Regal, advertising ethics, and bacon. And more!)

Good stuff. A worthwhile time-suck, if such a thing can exist... 

NOTE:  For those CB students who think the blogging assignment is simply busy work that I've designed to torture you, here's another post from the same website that you should read (scroll down to #3 if you're short on time). My apologies for the, uh, colorful language.

Image above taken from "The Birth of Mad Men, Ernest Dichter, Psychoanalysis and Consumerism," required reading for students in both classes. It's quick, easy, and fun -- I promise!

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