Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Consumer behavior assignment

Hey 343,

Here's the first case. Follow the directions posted below, and have fun!

Don't wait to start this until the night before it's due. You'll be sad and tired the next day if you do.

The italic words in the questions are big clues as to what to look for in the readings, and what to write about in your answers.

CITE ALL YOUR SOURCES, even the textbook, even if you put something into your own words.

Have your roommate/friend/co-worker/significant other read your "final" draft to check for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. Fix said errors. Re-print. This will be your final draft.

Good luck, work hard, have fun!


Julie said...

According to Wikipedia, Umbro is subject to being bought out by Nike in February of 2008. Here's the link:


Since we discussed the recent whereabouts of Umbro products in the class discussion (section 2), I thought I'd double check!

-Julie Wilson

Graham said...

Wow, thanks for looking that up!