Monday, January 28, 2008

Group formation

Hello BUS 341ers,

Tomorrow's going to be a busy day -- we're going to finish watching The Persuaders and discuss it in class, then we're going to sign up for Show & Tells and for your group projects.

Therefore, it's important that you come to class prepared. I recommend thinking about who you want in your group (some of you already know, I'm sure, and some have no idea). Groups can be no larger than 5 people. Also, please start thinking about which firm you'd like to put together a marketing plan for. Remember, it doesn't have to be Bozeman local (i.e., you can choose someone from your hometown, or just a small firm that you like), but you should make sure that you're picking someone who could use your expert advice and assistance.

See you all tomorrow,

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Johnny P said...

I was just playin around and thought it would be neat to be the first one to comment on the infamous blog!