Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Group wiki guidelines

Your group project should be ~1 new page per person in the group.  
You’ll have no more than 15 minutes to present your wikis.

One of your pages should be an overview of the topic you’ve chosen:
  • Definition of the phenomenon/activity/idea
  • Overview / links out to the rest of the pages
  • Anything else that you feel would enrich this “landing page”

At least one of your pages should contain the CB theories that relate to your topic:
  • Include links to wikis from the semester that are relevant
  • Also include links to other relevant sites

If appropriate, other pages can include:
  • the history of your phenomenon
  • real world examples of your topic
  • multi-cultural/cross-cultural/sub-cultural variations on the theme
  • CB phenomena that are related (but not the same) as your topic
  • etc. -- be creative!  

Your topic should be a “big” enough phenomenon that you can come up with amazing, interesting, “fat” pages full of info that will mesmerize the rest of us during your presentation (and make us want to go back and revisit your wiki after the class is over). Break out your info onto individual sub-topical pages as appropriate -- whatever is the most logical organization of your information is the format you should use.

Make sure your pages are unified, i.e., they look like they're all part of the same project (as opposed to 5 people's individual work stuck into the same electronic document).

Don’t try to talk about everything you include in your wiki during the presentation.  Just make sure you talk about the most relevant info -- you can include a lot more stuff that you discuss during your 15 minutes of fame.

Here's the Google doc with the same instructions, if you want to print them out, etc.

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