Wednesday, February 20, 2008

And in other cycling news...

Did you know that one of the best riders in the world is from Butte?

That's right -- last year, Levi Leipheimer won the U.S. national road champion's title, and finished 3rd overall in the Tour de France.

However, even though Levi's never been accused, or even suspected of doping, the team that he signed with this year, Astana, has been barred from racing in the TdF this year. This is a result of Astana's connection with doping during last year's Tour. However, the team management completely cleaned house and reaffirmed its commitment to clean riders for 2008, so this news is a shock, not only for Levi, but for Alberto Contador, who won the Tour last year while racing for Discovery, and was expecting to be allowed to defend his jersey in this summer.

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