Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ad analysis assignment

Hey 341,

These are the instructions for the assignment due next week.

Sorry I can't find this ad online to include with the example -- the student who wrote the analysis turned in the paper ad itself. However, I think he did a good enough job describing everything that you'll understand what he's talking about, even without seeing it for yourself.

Please note how much analysis he does, relative to how much describing he does. As you'll be turning in your own examples, you should focus on "reading" what the ad is doing, instead of merely telling me what it looks like and says. You sometimes will need to describe in order to analyze; just don't let it be the only thing you do.

Also, please note the terminology that this student uses. You'll improve your grade on this assignment if you make sure to include info on things like "copy" and "layout" and "headline"... Therefore, I strongly recommend reading chapter 19 before you write this up and turn it in!

Word out.

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