Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Marketing plan outline

Hi 341ers,

I've posted an outline you might want to follow in order to prepare your final projects. If you don't like this outline, you're free to use another one (for example, Appendix C in your textbook). Just make sure you are logical and thorough in how you present your data.

Also, I'm going to bring in some examples of other excellent student projects next week, so that you have something to base your own performance on.

Remember, you not only have to turn in the written report, you also have to give a presentation during the final meeting (May 9th, 12:00 pm). Your group should determine the best way to present your material -- one person might be the best one to do all the talking, or you might want to share the love. It's up to you; just make sure it's quality!

Finally, I've posted a student-made TV ad for you to watch and maybe use as inspiration -- it's really simple, yet really effective. I think he made it with stock photos using iMovie (on a Mac), and had a friend play about three notes on an acoustic guitar while he read from a script he'd written. I think it's way cool! (My one criticism is that it's a 41-second long spot... not exactly a standard length for media-planning purposes.)

Okay, have fun!

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