Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Meaning of Things

Hey CBers,

Remember, Case #5 is due at the end of the month!

I think this one is really fun and interesting -- it's my favorite case of the semester. Although it's a little looser as far as "right answers" go, you should still strive for precision and strength in your interpretation of the material. In fact, I think this one might be a bit dangerous, in that some students tend to make flabby, unsupported arguments when analyzing and answering questions like these. Don't do it!! Just because it's fun doesn't mean you can be lazy.

Things to watch out for:
  • Statements such as, "Because all people are different, we can't really know what the standard of behavior is in situation X..."
Of course we can.

  • Or the opposite, "I think I just want what all Americans want: job, home, family, dog..."
Generalization is dangerous business.

  • Beginning sentences with the phrase, "More and more..."
I hate this phrase. It's dead to me. Be specific.

  • Finally, using fluff and filler. Although these questions are all related (hence their being included together in the case), your answer for each should be distinct, well-considered, and well-argued. Even question #4 will need support from more than just your own experiences.
Okay, other than that, there should be no problems... But seriously, let me know if there's something that you can't work out.

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