Thursday, April 24, 2008

A FunPack (TM) of articles!

Hi guys,

I've found links to a bunch of fun stuff related to things we talked about in all three classes today.

Nickel Beer Night
-- the best baseball promotion ever (even though the beers really cost a dime, or three for a quarter). I got this a little wrong -- the game went into the ninth inning before the riot really got hot and the Indians had to forfeit to the Rangers. Prior to that, though, there was plenty of mooning, flashing, streaking, and fighting. All in a good night's work!

Not sure what the best way is to memorialize a loved one, be it your parent, pet or partner? Lifegem has got the answer for you. Sparkly! Romantic! Creepy!

Here's the seminal article about consumption rituals, specifically Thanksgiving, that I mentioned in CB today. And here's the trailer for Pieces of April, a lovely movie about a dysfunctional family celebrating Thanksgiving together. It's also got a great soundtrack, by Stephin Merritt (of the Magnetic Fields).

Finally, this is an article from the NYTimes about how people's cognitive processes are shaped by the primary language they learn. Very interesting to think about!

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